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Those Who Forget History are Doomed to Repeat It
April 30, 2003
I love your column. I know how frustrating it can be to go over the same material/facts over and over again--which is probably one of the reasons you have cut back to 3 articles a week. Somebody once said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Your oft repeated statements do NOT fall on deaf ears. You have MANY readers who take refuge in your words.The economy stinks,people are dropping out of JOB-Hunting category and giving up completely,yet the same talking heads who lied to us before believe that all is sunny and bright. I remain in money-market funds as I have been since Aug.18th,2000. Still up better than 21% for 3 years and sleep well at night.Do not think you your articles are not being digested.PLEASE keep up the good work.

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