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Comstock Partners, Inc.
Honest Approach to the Market
April 26, 2002
Hi- After reading your daily "There Oughta Be a Law", I just had to send you a note commending you on your outstanding analysis and consistent, honest approach to the market. I accidently stumbled upon your website last fall, and ever since its usually the first thing I check almost every day. As an engineer retired from a Fortune 10 corporation, I have seen much of the business nonsense you have referred to, and I worked for what I consider a reputable company! My hope is that the pendulum will swing back toward a more pragmatic, honest business culture sooner or later. As one who cut his investment teeth on the ''73-''74 market, I have been bewildered by what has happened to the market during the '90's. So much so, I virtually gave up investing. There have been others with your insight on the way things really are, but not many. So kudos and keep up the good work!

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