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Comstock Partners, Inc.
Absurd Values
October 08, 2001
What can I say, in addition to being very astute financial advisors, who apply discipline, wisdom & value to your investment decision making, you are also great patriots for generously sharing your keen insights on the on the Ponzi Scheme that the stock market has become over the past couple of years with the public. I fear that the vast majority of the investing public still do not realize the absurd values that the market trades at, and that includes GE, UPS, G, C and all of the other favorite darlings that are sound businesses but nevertheless still sell at fabulously rich premiums which are unsustainable You have been a voice of sanity in a sea of hyped speculation, and that includes just about every major brokerage house market strategist with the possible exception of Doug Cliggot at JPM and Gail Dudak, did UBS finally terminate her employment ? obviously her attempts to inform the public about the absurd levels that market reached were counter productive to the business of selling stocks to the 'great unwashed'. I offer my sincere gratitude to you both, thank you Charlie & Martin. I am considering investing in DRCVX and noticed that the

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