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Comstock Partners, Inc.
I have read your updates for years.
January 28, 2010
Dear Comstock Partners, I have read your weekly (prior daily) market updates for years. I find them to be outstanding for their thoroughness, easy to understand and accurate assessments. I just read your special report "Total Debt Relative to GDP" This is a great report. I agree 200% with your assessment. I have been looking at this economic/financial/social/political/banking stuff for over 20 years and this is the key problem with our Keynsian based global banking system. However, you mention at the end that the masses (ie. Upper/Middle/lower Middle Class & Poor) are mad but do not know who to blame. I just want to take the time to answer that question very, very easily. The group to blame are the "GLOBAL ELITES" Both the Business Global Elites and the Government Global Elites. These are typically our top "leaders" that have net worth of at least $20M and have significant decision making approval or authorization both on the business side and government side. Why do I know this? Its simple, the Non Global Elites simply do not have the ability to make or approve the grand decisions associated with hiring/firing/capital investments/regulations etc..etc.. on any where near a grand enough scale. The masses simply cannot do this. Period. I think you should devote a few reports to this class of "leaders" called the Global Government and Global Business Elites, particularly the Global Banking Business Elites. Thank you so much for the great work that you do!!!

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