Posted on: Tuesday, February 4, 2003
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Get a Grip on Reality

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As has been the case ever since discovering your site, your insights are at once troubling yet a refreshing change from the self-serving babble I read and hear elsewhere. Recently I have talked to many people who have delayed their retirement plans (in most cases, several years), lost huge sums on margin calls, cut back on living expenses, etc. Yet not one of the friends, relatives and business associates I have talked to has ever heard of your website, nor any similar site that discusses the risks and dangers inherent in this market. They would rather listen to Kudlow & Cramer bellow about what they think we should do with our money (Buy! Buy! Buy!) rather than get a grip on reality. I'm sure your regular readers have saved a lot of money and heartache by simply listening to the common sense view of the market that you share with us daily. Best to you.
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